Jabin Beverage Company

An Ancient Recipe

for the Modern Day Adventurer

Jabin is a great tasting Persian sports beverage with only 7 natural ingredients that hydrate the body and accelerate recovery after exercise

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About Jabin

What’s inside?

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

All the benefits without the harsh taste

Fresh mint and cucumbers 

Refreshing taste from whole ingredients

Pink Himalayan Salt 

Mineral rich source of electrolytes

Raw cane sugar

Cleanest carbohydrate for your body to turn into energy

Our Story

Jabin is my mom’s twist on an ancient, Persian recipe crafted the same way you would find it in our home: with fresh ingredients that go through a meticulous infusion process.

The result? An incredibly refreshing beverage packed with benefits and nothing artificial.

Initially bottled to hydrate my body and fuel my adventurous lifestyle, here’s to Jabin replenishing the adventurer in you too.

– Homayoon Ershadi, Founder